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Bring your vehicle to Tadstar Cars for premium servicing at independent prices

Here at Tadstar Cars, we are proud to have a range of services that meet almost any servicing needs.

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Manufacturers recommend you should have your vehicle serviced at least once a year or after every 12,000 miles. At Tadstar Cars, we know this can be easily forgotten or pushed to the back of the priorities list, often just because of the vast expense associated with taking your car to service at the dealership.

However, with our Annual service from as little as £99 for petrol models and £99 for diesels, there is no need to put it off any longer.

Our Manufacturers service is performed using parts sourced directly from the manufacturer to ensure your vehicle is kept covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Thanks to the EU block exemption rule you no longer need to have vehicles under warranty serviced by the main dealers at much higher costs.

Routine maintenance, such as oil changes, help prolong the life of your vehicle. It also offers the opportunity to identify potential issues, which left unchecked could become very expensive, and rectify them to keep your costs as low as we can.

What's included?

Our manufacturers service includes all of our standard checks and replaces the parts detailed below if specified as part of their service requirements. This complies with the vehicle warranty.

 Annual Service
Petrol & Diesel
Major Service
Manufacturers Service
Petrol & Diesel
Under the hood      
Replace engine oil filter
Replace engine oil with long life oil (fully synthetic where required)
Replace spark plugs  
If specified
Replace engine air filter
If specified
Replace pollen filter     If specified
Inspect and top up coolant levels
Inspect and top up brake fluid levels
Inspect and top up screen wash levels
Carry out battery condition test
Visually inspect condition of power steering, auxilary and fan belts (NOT timing belt)
Inspect engine mounts for wear (where visible)
Visually inspect radiator and coolant hoses for leaks and security
Raised vehicle inspection      
Inspect wheel bearings for noise and excessive play
Inspect condition of front brakes
Inspect condition of rear brakes
Inspect visible braking system pipework
Inspect front suspension joints for condition and security
Inspect rear suspension joints for condition and security
Inspect mountings and gaiters for condition and security
Inspect exhaust system for security and leaks
Inspect condition and security of fuel tank
Complete tyre inspection and report
On the ground inspection      
Carry out general under body inspection
Inspect clutch operation (manual transmission vehicles only)
Inspect operation of all exterior lights
Inspect horn operation
Inspect handbrake operation
Inspect condition of windscreen wipers and washer jets
Lubricate door catches where required
Reset vehicle service light
Stamp vehicle service history
If the manufacturer specifies additional parts we will confirm any additional costs at time of booking.    

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